Fight or Flight! Nature Deer vs. Supah Fly

This is a class exercise we had in a graphic novels creative writing class at U.B.C [Canada] around 2013.


  1. Create/Design a character with a strength and a weakness
  2. Share the character with the person sitting next to you
  3. Your partner’s character will be your character’s opponent
  4. In one page, draw a fight in which your partner’s character either chooses to fight or flee from your own. Your partner will do the same.
  5. Determine a winner

I’m a big fan of this exercise, I was lucky enough to be partnered with my friend Johanne who designed the Nature Deer.

Nature Deer vs. Supah Fly
I felt the fly was exceptionally balanced

I felt this was a fantastic in-class project, it was easy, open ended, and we benefited from the good feeling of a finished project.

Know of any good in-class projects? Let me know!

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