The Haunting (1963) Fan Posters

Another assignment for the 2016 fall semester Adobe Illustrator class. As with the Mean Girls posters I made, the project requirements involved making two posters that were related to one another, one portrait and one landscape.

I decided to go for my go to movie at the time, The Haunting. It has some great special effects and I love the house.

I made the landscape poster first, and I live traced the font from the opening title of the movie. For this colour scheme, I was greatly inspired by Crimson Peak (and Guillermo Del Toro was directly inspired by Italian director Mario Bava).

The Haunting 2 [2016].jpg

For this second poster, I wanted to put some more elements in, but I was running out of time at this point. I put the statue of Crane and his family hovering over the house, while foreshadowing the car crash scene in the bottom right of the poster.


The portrait piece is my favourite of the two, but the landscape one does hold its own atmospherically.


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